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About a year ago I had an eye exam and bought new glasses.  I needed a stronger prescription for distance and reading at that time. Also I had started doing the lights around that time with the mask on my eyes for relaxation. Within a few months I was having trouble not only reading but seeing the TV.  I had another eye exam about 6 months ago and was told there must have been some mistake.  These couldn’t possibly be my glasses.  They checked and found they were accurate for the previous test results.  So I got new glasses again. Then within another six weeks or so I was having trouble again with both distance and close up.  It got so I was taking my glasses ,(progressives), off for reading and watching tv.  This morning I went for and eye exam. You guessed it!  My eyes have improved, my glasses are too strong. So…more new glasses.  Glad I have medical!  The opthamologist said my eyes are aging very well, and wanted to know what I’m doing.  I’m going back next week with my lights.

Val J.

When I was a teenager, I was involved in a head-on accident. Adding to this unfortunate incident, I was on a motorcycle that day and suffered significant leg injuries. While constant pain has been a part of my life since that accident, more recently the pain reached the point where it was significantly affecting my life style. When it hurts to much to do something, after a while you don't do it. Then you sit too much, gain weight, get out of shape and generally deteriorate until you die. I wasn't ready to do that. I knew I had to do something, so I started looking for a way to alleviate the pain and regain my health.

Enter an old friend, Cheryl Perkins of Whole Health at Home, with an absolute unyielding belief that an LED light system could help me. I was a full on skeptic and very reluctant. Actually, she almost had to "beat me with a stick" to get me to try this In Light Wellness System, but thanks directly to her, I tried it and within three days of two twenty-minute light sessions a day, I was experiencing significantly less pain. This quickly translated to getting more sleep. For the first time in over a decade, I now sleep through the night, waking only once or twice. My former condition resulted in waking fifty, sometimes over a hundred times a night, usually with sharp, sometimes unbearable pain.

I have experienced additional benefits from this system and continue to use it daily. Less pain is wonderful. Additional surgery is a distant future option. I firmly believe this light system is the answer to helping many medical issues. Don't be skeptics; use it.

Greg C.

The training with Wes Burwell was tremendously interesting, engaging and fascinating. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to attend the event. Thank you so much for putting on such an interesting training weekend.

Katarina W

Thank you so much for the training day and lunch yesterday! It was
fascinating information and I got so much out of the talk; Wes Burwell
has so much knowledge in this field. I really enjoyed the afternoon
and was so inspired by Christina and her story, a beautiful, brave
woman. I tried my blue light first time today, liver, throat thyroid
and skin!

Thanks again,

Monica P.

I was introduced to the Lights in a different manner than most; I was provided with the supporting research and information when Western Canadian Health Products signed me on as a Business Consultant back in March 2013. In this way, I had the advantage of knowing the science behind the Lights, and had even written documentation on it, before I ever experienced the effects myself. But you never really know how something will work for you until you try it yourself, and I was still skeptical despite my knowledge. 

In 2009, I was in a car accident. Since then, my health has deteriorated rapidly. Prior to the accident, I was healthy and active – afterwards, chronic pain has prevented me from enjoying a lot of the activities I used to partake in, like jogging, snowboarding, rollerblading and hiking. I even have difficulty in playing with my children most days, resulting in my son having a MUCH different childhood than my older daughter did. Outside of the car accident, I have also struggled with both sleep and mood issues for the majority of my life; both were exacerbated by the accident. The constant pain made it difficult to sleep, and the combination of pain and lack of sleep has resulted in increasingly difficult struggles with depression and anxiety.

I finally had the opportunity to rent a system 2 months after learning all about it and my experience with it changed my entire perspective. After my first session, I fell asleep quickly, and slept through the night, allowing me to wake up feeling completely rested and refreshed. Something I hadn’t experienced in over 5 years.

A few days after using the “B” setting and relaxation-promoting pad placement daily, (with the exception of the eyemask, which I place on top of my head instead of over my eyes due to light-induced migraines), people started commenting on my “happiness”. I also started noticing it myself; I was less stressed, less anxious, and just in a better mood generally. This in and of itself was something of a miracle, as I felt as though I had been in a horrible mood for 5 years, never seeming to reach a state of even mild contentment, let alone genuine happiness. Words alone cannot describe this one result, as they will always fall short, but if I experienced no other benefits except this one, this alone would be enough.  But happiness wasn’t the only positive effect I experienced.

I started bringing the system with me everywhere I went, even travelling, because I did not want to be without the positive effects I was experiencing. In June, I travelled to Seattle on vacation. Seattle is known to be walkable, yet hilly. During previous trips, I had to plan my days carefully so as not to exacerbate my physical pain from the amount of walking. It wasn’t until I was enjoying my daily session on the first night that I noticed something much more amazing than my increased happiness.  I had NO pain. Yes, I was exhausted from a full day of walking and had the usual achiness that accompanies that, but I didn’t have the nagging constant pain in my back, shoulders and hips that I had grown used to. And I couldn’t remember the last time I felt it.

On top of increased happiness and a complete drop off of my chronic pain, I noticed that my previously extremely fragile hair was falling out less and was growing quicker. I believe this is because of my preferred placement of the eyemask. 

Due to the constant medications & stress, my stomach was constantly bothering me. Some days would bring intense pain, others nausea, and still others would bring more embarrassing stomach issues. I never knew what to expect, or what would trigger an episode, as something I ate fine one day, I couldn’t eat the next. Some days I couldn’t eat at all, and I would still be sick. So I started using a blue pad on my abdomen. Within days, all of my more severe symptoms all but disappeared.

I am so incredibly thankful for this system and for Cheryl.

Trina W.

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