6/Port PRO | 4 Pad Podiatric Plus

$3495.00 USD

The perfect system for targeting leg & foot pain.

Includes: 6/Port Controller, 2x Boot/122 Pads, Local/132 Red Pad, Body/264 Pad

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Start the day off on the right foot! PLT has been shown to improve symptoms of pain and decreased circulation associated with peripheral neuropathy. Ease the sensation of neuropathic pain with a full offering of podiatric and popular pads to optimize and provide a comprehensive PLT session.


  • The InLight 6/PORT PRO Controller with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
    • 3 easy-to-use automatic settings pre-programmed with Progressive Multi-Pulse technology
    • 7 manual setting options for professional applications
  • InLight Medical PLT Therapy Pads:
    • BOOT 122 Red/Infrared PLT x2
    • LOCAL 132 Red/Infrared PLT
    • BODY 264 Red/Infrared PLT