6/PORT & 3 Pad | Expandable


A versatile system.

Includes: 6/Port Controller, Red Local/132 Pad, Red Body/264 Pad, Facemask/104 Pad

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A versatile system. Includes:

6/PORT Pro Controller – This controller features 6 output ports and provides 7 manual and 3 automatic programs. The 6/Port is intended for LED polychromatic light practitioners with multiple light pads, yet is also suitable for personal use where multiple light pads are being utilized.

FACEMASK/104 – The FACEMASK/104 system is designed for application to the face and features 104 Red and Blue LEDs.

LOCAL/132r – This medium sized pad system features 132 Red and Infrared LEDs.

BODY/264r – This large sized pad system features 264 Red and Infrared LEDs.

ILWS embroidered carrying bag – Embroidered with the In Light Wellness Systems logo.