2/PORT | Brilliant LightCap

$ 1,995.00

Includes 2\Port Controller & Brilliant LightCap.

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The all-new InLight Medical Brilliant LightCap™ features the InLight exclusive Progressive Multi-Pulse™ Technology. The unique design of this system is compact and portable allowing the usage to be swift and agile, even when on the go.

Comprised of over 500 red and infrared LEDs, the  Brilliant LightCap is specially designed to be worn on the head to precisely deliver Polychromatic Light Therapy (PLT) to a number of intracranial sites simultaneously.

The Brilliant LightCap is lightweight and adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit and the ease of use. The LightCap can be used in with either the 6/PORT PRO or 2/PORT Controller and in conjunction with additional pads for enhanced results.


  • The InLight 2/PORT controller with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
    • Simply turn the device ON and enjoy the benefits of Progressive multi-Pulse technology
    • 7 manual setting options for professional applications
  • Brilliant LightCap™
    • Over 500 red/infrared diodes
    • Adjustable straps
    • Reduces pain and increase circulations