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Platinum 6/PORT PRO + 2/PORT | 6 PAD + BLC


Experience the ultimate with our Platinum 6/PORT PRO + 2/PORT system featuring 6 pads and Brilliant LightCap  (BLC), for an array of options to help you from head to toe.

Platinum 6/PORT | 6 PAD


The InLight Medical Platinum System takes patient care to the next level. It is perfectly designed and packaged for maximum self-care at home, in the office, and on the go!

Diamond 6/PORT PRO + 2/PORT | 4 PAD + BLC


Ease your pain with the InLight Medical Diamond System, featuring an assortment of InLight's popular pads to take patient care to the next level.

Expandable 6/PORT PRO | 3 PAD + BLC


The 6/Port Pro | 3 Pad + BLC system is a compact kit that comes with the BLC and an array of popular pads to target much needed light for increased circulation and good health.